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Element Webinar: Maximize Fleet Performance with Data Science

Element’s data science webinar explored how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you uncover hidden patterns, predict future trends, and extract meaningful insights from large amounts of fleet data to support your long-term strategic objectives.

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On September 21, Vince Raynor, Element’s Director of Strategic Consulting and Analytics facilitated an engaging discussion with Kamau Njenga, Connie Johns and Quincy Zhang to explore how data science can help in reducing fleet costs, increasing driver safety, and mitigating downtime.

Here are some event highlights:

Kamau Njenga, Manager, Advanced Analytics

Data science is an interdisciplinary field which combines math, statistics, and computer science to extract knowledge and insights from data… it allows us to make more accurate predictions and is future focused. - Kamau Njenga

Connie Johns, Managing Director, Accounts Management

We are continuing to invest in data and technology to ensure we bring relevant information and recommendations to our clients every day. Data Science has allowed our teams to help clients re-think the role of fleet and ensure that fleet is a strategic enabler to achieve their corporate objectives.  - Connie Johns

Quincy Zhang, Strategic Consultant

By forecasting resale value, downtime hours and maintenance costs, Element’s optimal replacement model allows us to narrow down the precise point in time where the annualized vehicle costs are lowest and therefore recommend the best timing for replacement. - Quincy Zhang

Ready to learn more about data science and how it can transform your fleet? View the webinar recording today!

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